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We are essentially a team of wordsmiths.  A true wordsmith in the most profound level is a worker and craftsman with words. We aspire to become the most-loved and respected company of our kind in the world.

Founded in 2006, Wordsmith Communication started with the common-sense guided but profound business logic – Market was created for Society and not vice versa. After six years, we cover 99% languages of the world with the claim of providing best cost/quality ratio in the world for everything we do.

Our Founder and Chief Wordsmith Pritam Bhattacharyya concludes our journey in these six years – from 2 language translation to fully-integrated Agency dealing in conceptualization, content writing, translation, localization, cultural sensitization, DTP, digital publishing, Cross-Media and Print-on-Demand services.

We consider that we should measure the success of our company in terms of the joy we produce, the success our clients achieve and the comfort and fulfillment our linguists and Life-Designers feel while working with us.


Our Special Services


Marketing and Business Development




Print-on-Demand Services


Our Founder and Chief Wordsmith Pritam Bhattacharyya has been a telecom engineer, a MBA from Strathclyde Business School, an author and a lead Teacher in www.proz.com. He has been assisting freelancers, SME owners and market development professionals to solve the most banal but most profound question of business:  How do I make a stranger my client or sell a strange stuff to a client?


Our Print on Demand services can help print your brochures, marketing material or your e-book or any other content that needs printing in controlled quantities. Backed up by our in-house DTP, translators, designers and 5000+ wordsmiths everywhere, you can be sure that we print what your business deserves.


Freelancer Business School


Wordsmith University is an online business school for translators in particular and freelancers in general. Many translators, in spite of excellent linguistic skills are not able to fulfill their earning  potential and work-life balance due to lack of business skills. Wordsmith University provides basic to advanced business skills to freelance translators. Our teachers are all passionate freelancers and agency owners who have travelled the road less and much travelled.


Wordsmith Book of Business


Wordsmith Book of Business is a book, history, founder’s diary, business biography of our business journey starting with no capital but with a reason-defying hope. The Book is a candid story of Founder’s journey into the domain of translation, languages and language business after leaving the corporate job. The Book is a not a rags to riches story or chronicle of miracle events or self-congratulation. It tells a very common story filled with hope, joy, abyss of frustration, problems and solutions and also of grace and hope. Published five years back but remains a valued earner – money and friends for Wordsmith Team. 

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